Welcome to House Of Pawsh® Site

Welcome to House Of Pawsh® Site

Welcome to House Of Pawsh® SiteWelcome to House Of Pawsh® SiteWelcome to House Of Pawsh® Site

For Pet Apparel, Pet Accessories, Dog Clothes, Pet Collars, Pet Products, Pet Fashion, & PET-ducation.

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About Us

GoPawsh Fashion


 House Of Pawsh® is a limited liability company (LLC) based in Georgia, USA. Founded in 2016 our goal is to quickly grow to become one of the leading pet clothing websites which help pet owners find amazing pet apparel (pet clothes, dog clothes, etc.), luxurious pet fashion products for dogs (i.e. glam dog collars), cats, small animals and more. 

Paw-some Blog


We have even launched a pet themed blog that provides PETducation (pet-inspired education), PETerntainment (pet-inspired entertainment), PAWssip (Pet-related news and gossip), and PAWSitivity (self-explanatory).

Satisfying Paws Worldwide



What makes House Of Pawsh so unique is the fact we ship FREE worldwide to over 200 countries meaning everyone from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and more can make the most out of our pet deals.

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